Libra second decan horoscope

They usually find it easy to fool people, but they are ideal peacemakers and excel in negotiations. They are charming and attractive - and can easily attract and create a good impression on others. They do not like to show it, but they are very happy with this quality that they possess. They are also of "true blue" romantic types. They love the very idea of being in love, and prefer to be surrounded by beautiful people and things.

Sun enters Scorpio

They excel when surrounded by different types of people - due to their cleverness, charm and communication skills. However, they tend to become "pushovers" in their attempt to impress everybody. In relationships, they create a harmony - and work hard towards achieving balance and equality within the family. They do not like heated arguments, or even debates. Serious, thoughtful, generous, but also self-sacrificing - along with other Libra traits.

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These Librans, influenced by Uranus Aquarius , are serious about everything in life - from studies, to jobs, to marriage. They are also patient, tolerant, and very thoughtful - and try to be non-judgemental unless they have facts. They tend to be thoughtful about almost everyone and everything in their life. They are attractive, and although they can be unpredictable, they find it easy to get close to others.

They make very good friends. They possess the ability and intelligence to take on the world. They are also generous and compassionate to other people. They are self-sacrificing by nature - and often keep their own interests in the back-seat while helping others, and derive great pleasure out of it.

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Active, loyal, communicative, but also too analytical - along with other Libra traits. These Librans, influenced by Mercury Gemini , are very active and physically fit. Over the coming year, look over these books with more wisdom than you had when you made the exchanges recorded. All the while Pluto looks on from Capricorn. This configuration yields a tangle of questions, insights, and oscillations involving spiritual health, concrete tasks and the purpose and direction of your life. Let the scales swing, and yourself along with them. While the scales swing, Jupiter ingresses into Scorpio.

Libra Ascendant Horoscope

For the next year, Jupiter will be your guide to navigating the dance of shadows within relationships— the obscure selves revealed by intimacy and retreat. For you it will be the balance of resources which is weighed. Your creative energy, social capital and exchanges with others will all feature in the challenges to your equilibrium as insights and disruptions are loaded on to the scales. Meanwhile, and with royal silence, Jupiter strides into Scorpio. Over the next year, Jupiter intends not to offer you riches, but to instead the cure for poverty.

The big planet intends on teaching a course on the removal of parasitic habits of both body and mind. You would do well to attend. Meanwhile, Mars and Saturn pressurize your work schedule, advocating for fierce accomplishment. While the other planets oscillate, Jupiter strides with certainty into Scorpio. For the next year, Jupiter will guide you into the depths of your own creativity, leading you to subterranean springs of mystery and joy.

These configurations stretch your perspective between long and short term objectives, asking you to clarify the path between near and far.

Meanwhile, you may have to deal with Mars and Saturn taxing both your financial and psychic resources. Meanwhile, Jupiter strides into Scorpio. While all of the above comes to pass, Jupiter enters Scorpio. During the year in which the planet is within the arachnoid sign, look for ways in which to improve your daily and weekly flow. Your schedule is due to become more hydrodynamic. In that image you may see a shadow lurking just beneath you, a piece of your origin story as-yet unexplored. Complicating this reflection is the Full Moon in Aries, which wreathes relationship dynamics in argent flame.

Meanwhile, Jupiter enters Scorpio. Habits of action and patterns of thought usually obscure reveal themselves, and show you the regularity with which they dot your calendar. While the above occurs, Jupiter strides into your sign, with plans to affirm, embolden and expand you. There are opportunities to understand and accept yourself more deeply. Ironically, that acceptance of who you currently are will serve to change and improve you. Indeed, you may find yourself between Mars and Saturn for some of this decan, your time and energy squeezed by necessity.

Still, it is temporary, and a little pressure may be just want you need to get it all done. Meanwhile Jupiter moves into Scorpio.

Libra Decans

During that time, Jupiter will lead you deeper into the labyrinth of your own psyche. Some may need to escorted firmly back to their respective cells, while others may provide tempting and potentially lucrative offers. Questions concerning your profession mingle with those of location and the current condition of your home base. Meanwhile, an itch for good times and a desire to experience the joy and pain of creation scratches at you.

The year that Jupiter spends in Scorpio will entail opportunities to expand your social sphere, as well as a tour of the occluded psychodynamics of friendships and enmity. Short and long term goals vie for priority and ask what equilibrium looks like while to-do lists beckon. Let these days place what they will on your scales, but wait for everything to find its way to weighing before rendering judgment.

During that time, Jupiter will sail quietly through the lofty heights of your professional ambition, offering opportunities to get ahead, as well as insights into the secret rivers which flow to and from power. Questions of resources abound— what you have, what you owe and are owed. Though you may not be able to bring the scales into perfect equilibrium, align yourself with the stable fulcrum and you will be able to observe the oscillations without taking every tilt personally. While the other planets tangle, Jupiter walks quietly into Scorpio, where it will be for the next year.

In Scorpio, Jupiter will teach of the tunnels whose windings will carry you to the achievement of your purpose.

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Not only that, but the planet will also tutor you on the method for removing what blocks your otherwise inevitable flow toward your goals. Virgo ASC here — a hydrodynamic schedule? The Gypsy will instead perform a dark Tarot card reading using a different system, but always customized and totally free. Best Answer: ya know, its hard to say.

Decan 1 Libra Horoscope October 12222

Since the rising sign or ascendant affects first impressions, some might mistake you for a cold, ornery type. The Ascendant or Rising sign is the name given to the sign on the eastern horizon during the time of birth of an individual. If you do not know your birth time, use pm noon and the location which you were born. Dans l'horoscope. To read more about the qualities associated with the Decans of Cancer, please click on the link given below.

The roles that you play, the context in which you play them, and what kinds of themes are associated with that context. The transiting Sun, Moon, planets, Chiron, and the four major asteroids are interpreted in relation to your Sun or Ascendant. If you were born between July 13 and July Being born in the second decan of Cancer, your Sun is in the Scorpio decan so you are sub-ruled by Pluto and Mars.

The eighth house is also about desire, determination, drive and tenacity. The decans of Cancer. Birthday wishes to all Cancerians with your Sun between 10 - With the Cancerian perceptiveness and the Virgo critical eye, you won't get away with much. Find out your rising sign with our Rising Sign Calculator.